This is a drawing titled "Cloud Race" I began on March 16th, 2002. It is between friends, KaDa-Ru and WhiteShepherd. It is a progress in work. I have added the photos that I used and what I did to finally get something I wanted to draw.

This is the final product.
(This piece will be displayed at the AC2002 Art Show.)

This is the starting picture of some clouds I took from an airplane flight that Gene and I took at the end of October, 2001. I invisioned a couple of friends running a race on these soft clouds. This is a pic of a horse I got off the internet. I only used part of it as you will be able to see.
I cleaned out the background in Paint Shop Pro 5. As I was looking through the horse pics I had collected, which aren't many at the moment, I couldn't help myself but laugh at this pic and knew I needed to add it to the above drawing!
I cleaned out the background again in Paint Shop Pro 5. Now for the other character to be added. This is a pic of our white German Shepherd. In this original she was catching snowballs in her mouth and had this mean look on her face as she got the cold feeling in her mouth.
I cut the picture down since I didn't need all the background. I was only interested in Crystals posture. I cleaned out the background again and reversed the picture so that it would be facing the direction I wanted. I also used the brush with Crystal's coloration to 'white' out the collar and lead.
With this photo, I wanted a different look on her face and not the 'mean' one in the original photo. I also liked her tongue hanging out to go with the horses tongue hanging out. So, I cleaned out the background and most of the body so I just had the head. I also reversed it from the original because I wanted the White Shepherd facing the horse during the race.
Now the fun part. Putting all the pieces together! Here, I pasted the head of the one horse onto the body of the other horse to get the affect I was looking for. I also pasted the head of the one pic of Crystal onto the body pic of Crystal to get the desired look I was lookging for. The difference in coloration didn't matter since I was going to use this 'pieced together' picture for a basis for my drawing.
I then pasted the horse and Cyrstal onto my cloud background to get this image. I then saved the image as black and white and printed it out to come up with the drawing at the top of this page! Here is the grayscale image I used to draw my picture.
And this is the sketch I drew from all the above pieces! Now to add some color ink to my printer so I can print out a colored version that I will use to color my drawing. I was sore today and decided to keep my mind occupied so I fooled around with my drawing and Paint Shop Pro 5 and Photo Shop 5. This is the result of a days work of just messing around!