My soulmate, WhiteShepherd, wanted to have a nice art piece for his new creation, Furtopia/music. We talked and sketched and worked on details for about a week and then I started working on the drawings. My original sketch was, well you will see it here. It is nothing like the final piece!

I sketched a drawing then brought it into Paint Shop Pro 5 to work with it. I didn't like the proportions and I just couldn't seem to get the pic just right so I redrew it on the computer. I didn't save the 'sketch change' but the rest of the work is here for all to see.

This is the final product.
(This piece will be displayed at the AC2002 Art Show.)

This is the original sketch, created on April 3rd, 2002. Originally it was going to be an audition with the fur sitting on a chair with clothes on, I am horrible at drawing clothing! I brought it into Paint Shop Pro 5 to work with it. Since it was a black & white drawing I had to "erase" the background so I could use the color schemes. Not that a WhiteShepherd has much color to him! (LOL) For some reason I had a lot of problems getting the body just right. The clothes were ok, I thought but the body proportions just didn't seem to go together very well. So, I used the "eraser" to take away the clothing to see if I could get the body right and then I would put the clothes back on. Why was I putting clothes on him? Well, since it was going to be on WhiteShepherds new website, Furtopia, it needed to be rated PG. Hence the clothing thing.
I pretty much left the upper torso as is and changed the rest of him on the computer from a sitting position to a standing position. I then took the pic into Adobe Photoshop 5 and filled the background with black and then I used the same "neon" filter that I had used on the "Neon Fox" to outline this fellow as well. Then I took it back into Paint Shop Pro 5 and cleared the background and saved the pic as a .gif so I could render it a transparency so the star background would envelope the WhiteShepherd.