These are photos I have taken through the years of Flipper.
She is a Angora mix and will be 6 years old July 2013.

She got her name because when we got her as a kitten she would consistantly walk in front of us
then just flip over onto her back, nearly tripping whomever she was in front of!

She also loved sleeping in boxes.
Any type of box 'shape' was ok by her.
She could also be found sleeping between my keyboard and monitor when I was at my computer.
She is such a crazy cat when it comes to catching her sleeping on the bed because of 'how' she slept.
We would often catch her partly on her back which was so funny to us.

In a couple of the photos she can be seen on top of a box, which she also loved doing, with our 130 lb. purebred white German Shepherd.