Welcome to another day at the"Xenia Dog Park"!

Gene and his dog, Crystal (white German Shepherd) almost 5 years old, and my dog, Sheba (we think is a Shepherd mix) is about 11 months old!

Some people have asked why I take these pictures. It is really simple. I love dogs and what a better place to get photos of our dogs socializing and having fun with other dogs than the dog park and I also get to see other breeds and get their photos for my photo collection.

For those of you that have dogs in the following pics and would like their names under their pics just send me an email and I will make the changes. Also, if you would like the larger sized images for yourself, just let me know at the same email addy. Let me know which number and I will send it to you by email.

A real friendly St. Bernard by the name of Barney. I don't know the breed nor names of the other two in the shot. In the lower part of the photo is Billy, a brindle colored boxer. (I have ALWAYS loved that marking!) Then we have Crystal and Sheba chasing another dog and a lab with a red collar. (Joey?) Crystal and Sheba checking out a couple other dogs.
Barney checking out Crystal while she gets some water from the 'designated watering hole'. (giggles) Barney taking a stroll as Billy gets a drink. A cute black and white dog sniffs the ground as well as Sheba. Billy and his 'sister', Emma, watch as they see some new comers.
The black and white dog walking around Sheba as she gets a drink. Gene trying to get Crystal to play with the tug rope while the black and white dog looks on in anticipation. Gene leans over to pet Barney while a little girl pets him as well. The little black and white dog and Barney are looking at something on the other side of Gene.
Billy watches as some of the dogs have departed for the day. One of the girls pets Sheba as Gene pets Crystal. I was trying to get a good pic of Emmy but Crystal got in the way.
Crystal got a glimpse of a 'light' shining on the ground and was all lost to the world. The only The black & white dog and her family are leaving. Billy looks on as the other dog leaves and Emmy heads for the other dogs. Always on the go!
The black lab watches as Barney gets his behind scratched. Barney gets petted again! He was such a wonderful big hearted furball! A friend of Billy's flipped him over onto his back and Billy just laid there as though he was laughing from the fun! (I couldn't resist getting a pic of him on his back!)
A nice shot of Barney as Gene looks on. A wonderful side shot of Barney. Emmy gives kisses to her mommy with her daddy looking on.
I was trying to get a decent shot of this little fluff ball but I got what I could. He was walking behind Barney. Emmy as she walks away. She was constantly on the move. Why not? She is a pup after all! Everything is so new and exciting. Sheba thinks the man is hurting the dog, or the other way around and rushes over to help. (The man was trying to play with his dog) *giggles*
Crystal rushes over to offer her services of being the peace officer while Sheba and Emmy watch the activities. Sheba tries to help again as Emmy is heading for something more interesting to do. The lab is playing with his 'daddy' again and of course Sheba, Crystal and Barney race over to check things out.
Billy gives chase after Barney and the lab. Crystal tries to keep things peaceful though the lab is only playing with his 'daddy'. A nice side view of Billy.
I love this pose of Billy! Emmy chats with her 'parents'. Billy and Emmy look out in the lot at the other dogs.
The lab and Barney play tug together with one of the toys as the labs 'dad' lets go. Every one is just mingling about. Just socializing.
Gene and Crystal playing with the tug rope. Sheba joins Crystal in playing tug with Gene Crystal and Sheba continue to hold onto the rope as Gene walks away.
Billy and Barney come to join in on the rope tugging game. I think they thought Crystal and Sheba weren't strong enough to take on Gene by themselves. (giggles) Crystal and Barney play tug with Gene as Sheba watches. Gene tugs tight against Crystal as Barney just seems to walk along holding onto the rope and not really tugging.
Ah, Barney is now pulling the rope but I'm still sure he isn't using all his might as I think Gene would be on the ground! Crystal is still tugging on the other side of the rope. Barney's mom was trying to get him to sit but I don't think he was in the mood at the moment. (giggles) She finally gave up trying to get him to sit and scratched his back instead. Isn't he pretty standing there?

She was still trying to get him to sit but I don't think it is working. (LOL)

Isn't that a nice side view though?

Sheba finally gets to play tug by herself with Gene. Gene continues to play tug with Sheba as Crystal looks for 'light'.
Another side shot of Billy heading back to his 'parents'.


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