Brought to you by Kaycy or Gene, Fairborn, Ohio!

On one of our many trips to town we pass by a small building on a large parking lot. One particular day, early-mid August, we noticed an old brown two tier bus parked on the south-west corner of the parking lot. It was just so beautiful and I had never seen any thing like it before.

Well, we didn't have time that day to stop and take pictures of it and just drove by. Several days passed and it was still parked there as though on display. We were always in a hurry so didn't have the time to stop. Then, one day it was gone! Oh, I was so disappointed that we didn't take the time to stop and take the photos.

One day, we saw it in basically the same spot once again. Yeah! But, as was usuall we were on our way to town and didn't have the time to stop. It was there for a couple more days and it began raining. We drove to town as usuall but this time we saw it parked half way in a big garage on the property because it had begun raining. Ok. Now we knew it would be out for display once again, but when? I kept track of when I saw cars in the parking lot. I finally figured out they were open Monday through Friday. There was a business in that building once again. Now we just waited for the bus to show again.

As if on que, when the weather was once again nice and sunny, there was the bus parked in its familiar spot! This time, we pulled into the parking lot and Gene took pictures with his digital camera! We finally had the pics and drove off to our appointment.

The next item I wanted to do was to stop into the business to find out who owned the bus and get permission to create this webpage with the photos we had taken to send to family and friends.

As usual, we were always in a hurry into town. One day coming back from town we again took the time to stop in and say hello and to get the information we were looking for.

The people were very nice. We told the receptionist what we were there for and she motioned to a woman behind a window who then came out to talk with us. Her name is Della Wirth and her and her husband, Jim, own the Antique Bus. She gave us more information and was really pleasant about our taking the pictures and our request for permission to create this webpage.

Now, a little story about the acquisition of this wonderful bus: Della and Jim found the bus for sale by Disney's Epcoch Center on E-Bay. It was actually a 1983 model made to look antique. After Della and her husband won the bid for the bus, a friend of theirs was interviewed by a newspaper and was asked what they called the bus and he said, "The Della", which is painted on the back of the bus.

Della and Jim operate "Springfield Car Show & Swap Meet" located in Xenia, Ohio. Della and Jim use "The Della" to take folks around the car shows for a unique experience. To learn more about their car shows log onto their website located at www.ohioswapmeet.com.

Now, onto the pictures this page was created to show off!