I created this page on 6-25-11 because we found out that our internet is now being capped
which means I can't upload ALL my photos any more as that makes my site over 50 gigs!
So, a few days ago I decided to start taking some of my best photos in my categories to upload to my site.
But, I didn't want to JUST upload the images.
I wanted to be creative with them.
I opened one of my images in Paint Shop Pro 10 and sat in my chair looking at the image for a few minutes.
trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it.
I decided to clean out (erase) all the background that was distracting the eye from the main image.
Added some PSP 10 background and just went from there.
All the backgrounds I created were not by some tutorial.
Just made them as I tried different things and what looked best, to me, for the particular image.
Some photos have their original backgrounds because I felt they looked best that way.
Below are some of those creations.  I will add more as I create them.
I hope you enjoy looking at them.
I have also included some images that I have as backgrounds from Magentic from Incredimail.

If you have any questions or comments please send them to me at kaycy @ kcff dot net.

To view the images click on any one of them and a gallery will open up in a little window.
Mouse over the middle side edges and an arrow will appear to move to the next image or previous image.
If you don't do anything the images will change automatically.
To quit the little gallery just click anywhere on the page.