My friend, Rania, told me about this on-line lesson course for PSP (Paint Shop Pro).
The class is actually for version 7 & 8 but I am using it for my version 9, which doesn't seem to be too different.
I just have to figure out where some things are that are different.
That is part of learning something new! *LOL*
Hope you enjoy all my lesson results as I have had fun creating them. (smiles)


The above was written in 2005.
I didn't include the link for the lessons I took as the group changed their title and location to PSP-Learning-Center.
Today is Nov 3, 2008 and I have more tutorial results that I completed through 'TeachMe2Tag'.  I'm sure when I finish this groups lessons I will work on another groups tuts as I am finding so much new information about my PSP X by taking these tutorials, which are free to everyone. :)


I enjoyed the previous lessons I took from PSP-Learning-Center in 2005 and "TeachMe2Tag" in 2008, that I had to find a new group to join and learn from!

This group, "Stats R Us", uses Paint Shop Pro, Incredimail and Letter Creator.

I kept seeing interesting emails from some of the members and mods of "TeachMe2Tag" (this group disbanded due to hackers in 2011).  I was really curious as to how they made their emails look like letters.
That curiosity led me to "Stats R Us"!
I was happy to find out I could still create new things in PSP with this new course.
You will find my lesson results through the following links.

Beginners Intermediate Advanced

Early Beginners Beginners Intermediate Advanced

Stats R Us
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

My Other Creations Using PSP 9 & 10.
Borders Frames Image Tiles Masks Square Gems Tubes