Horses at Carrera's Fun Farm
Photo Gallery

Gene and I went to a friends' house on May 13th 2002, that had horses and I took his digital camera so that I could take pictures of this guys horses. I love horse and he has a LOT of them, 14 to be exact! The drawback to this adventure though was it was storming this day, so it was very cold on the fingers, very windy and luckily the rains had come to almost a halt, but there were drizzles now and then. I was determined to get some photos of these beautiful horses just the same.

When I was done, more like it was too cold, windy and damp to take any more photos, I asked Mr. Carrera what his farm was called, he laughed and said, "Carrera's Fun Farm". I chuckled too as I thought that was cute, so, that is the title of this page. Mr. Carrera told me that when he sees the pics he will give me the names to each and everyone of his horse. That will be nice so the horses in the photos will have names and not just a pic title!

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