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My roommate at the time wanted me to create some drawings to put in the "Further Confusion" Art Show in January 2000. I did a few drawings on regular printer paper. I was still not sure of placing any drawings in the show. I have seen artwork before at the "ConFurence 8 & 9" we attended and I didn't feel my art was equal to what I had seen presented. Needless to say, I didn't put any of my drawings in the 2000 Art Show at "Further Confusion".

After seeing the art again this year, I still don't feel my art is as good as I saw in January but then I have to remember that I haven't been drawing for several years on a regular basis and that I don't have the same style as other artists. That is what makes an artist unique. Their differences in abilities.

I think the largest hurdle I had to over come was that I didn't have to draw to 'true life'. I could experiment and draw morphs or fantasy or what ever I had the mind to draw. The following drawings are from this realization. The following months will show more changes.

Some of the drawings below are of our kittens we got in September of this year, 1999. When he bought his house it came with a yellow tabby male. He named him Lugh. We figured he was about a year old. After three months he disappeared. I missed having him around so I decided to get another kitten. (I ended up with three to replace the one!) I 'bought' them at the SPCA when they were only two months old. In order for me to be able to take them home they had to be spayed first, which was just fine with me. The first two I got were black kittens. I named them Midnight, because of the little white marking on her neck under her chin, and the other one Shadow. Shadow seemed to be just a little 'older' than her sister, mentally. She wasn't afraid of anything. Midnight was frightened of loud noises. She wouldn't even jump at her toys. (I teased that she was like her 'mom' (me) and didn't like her feet off the ground.) Shadow on the other hand would jump three feet off the ground going after her toy!

W also picked up a neutered male that we were told was about a year old. I spent a lot of time with him for the next week until we could get him to a vet and found out that he was a very ill little kitty. We knew the best thing for him was to put him to sleep so that he would feel a lot happier.

After putting him asleep, I still wanted another kitten. We went back to the SPCA and on a bulletin board there were some photos of some kittens that were being housed elsewhere. One of those kittens was a very pretty calico female. I wanted this female but I also knew she had to be spayed before I could take her home. She was spayed on a Monday and I had to pick her up before 1 pm. (Soon after surgery!) Well, I named this one Patches. She is definitely a charater. I call her my 'Psycho kitty' because of the way she behaves.

Now, Patches was different in other ways too. She was supposedly about 2 months of age when I got her too, but I knew she had to be at least a month older than the two black ones. I also have to be careful when putting down their 'dinner'. (Canned food.) If I don't watch the kittens while their eating, Patches will go eat ALL of their food as well! She is a definite porker. Another difference with Patches compared to the other two is that she is a 'lazy' cat. When I play with Midnight and Shadow, they chase the toys. Patches doesn't. She just lays there waiting for the toys to come to her.

I joked around at times that if the three of them had to be hunting for themselves Patches would starve because she would expect the other two to bring her food. She is too laid back to be bothered.

I will be drawing more pictures of them in the future. I have several cats to learn from for my drawings.

Oh, for an update on Lugh....he came back after eight months! We call him our 'Kitty butter' because he is soooo relaxed without a care in the world. When another cat came up to him outside one day, the other cat swatted at him and he just sat there. He didn't even budge! I like having all four of these cats. Their personalities are so different from one to the other. They are all getting a long fine.

Today is January 3rd, 2003 and I just finished putting these pics back up on the website that actually sold on Furbid! A couple I realized were never posted on my website which caused me to do some hunting to find them again! Phew! Enjoy these and we will be putting up some more pics for sell in the very near future!

There will be no prints made for all the pictures posted on this particular page.

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