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Here is all the artwork created in 2003 for family and AC 2003.




"Gift Art"

"Anthrocon 2003"


I haven't been creating much artwork because of our business taking up so much of my time but I am trying to keep up with at least one a month. This year I have been working on Non-Anthro pics for my son and his family for Christmas and Birthdays. Of course, these Christmas ones were for 2002! I know, but better late than never.

I have changed a few things on this section as the other way was looking a bit cluttered with all the wording. I think this works best. I have also broken down this years artwork into different sections. If you want to look at a section just click on the title to the left.

"Anthro" is for the anthropormophic art pieces.   (Updated 6-28-03)

"Non-Anthro" is my 'real' animal art section.   (Updated 6-28-03)

I can finally put this page back up! (3-27-03) The family has looked at the pics and fell in love with them! Now, of course, my granddaughter wants Pandas! That is ok. That is also another year!
And the best section is the "Gift Art" that artists have graciously sketched in my sketchbook!  (Updated 4-20-03)

"Trades 2003" (Updated 12-11-03)

"Other Art" (Added 10-13-03) This will be where other artwork I have had a hand in are shown. For instance, coloring some one else's artwork.

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