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It turns out that I created a lot of sketches this year.

I have to admit I really enjoyed putting this all together and seeing creations come to truition!

Now, just to put the pieces together on the computer. This was fun too. I could manipulate and manuever how ever I wanted to! Oh, and then came the fun part. When I would get an idea I would sketch out my main characters and then use the photos for backgrounds. I scanned in my sketches and then worked on them in Paint Shop Pro 5 and Adobe Photo Shop 5.0. This was the first time in many years that I had created anything on the computer! I was really enjoying myself working on these on the computer. *I haven't colorized my original sketches though, not yet anyway.*

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These are the sketches I made this year!
These are more sketches with the colorized versions done on my computer.
These are sketches I created while playing the table game "Iron Claw".
These are some of the characters played by players.