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I did these drawings after going to Further Confusion at the end of January 2000..

Darren and I talked at length about the art shows and he wanted me to submit some of my art. Well, at the time I really had nothing that would be fitting for the type of Con it was. So, he said that I could work on a drawing one per month and by the time Further Confusion 2001 came around I would have at least twelve drawings to submit.

I started drawing February 2nd. Of course, once I got started it was difficult to stop. I would draw for several days and then quit for a couple of weeks at a time. Then I would get more ideas in my head and start drawing again....

I started using color in the forms of Pastello Colored Paper Chalk and Portfolio Oil Pastels on March 1st, 2000. I have liked using the chalks and I seem to be able to mix them the way I like. I still have work to do in order to get the same results with my oil pastels.

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